Melissa Walters Portfolio 

Power 1: Critical Thanking and Problem-Solving


In my five years of math I have learned how to do many things. Factoring  has been my favorite.
    Factoring is taking to Binomials and making it a Trinomial or the other way around.
                            (x-3) (x+2) the Trinomial of that is x2-x-6
    Another thing I enjoyed in math was Statistics in math. I learned some of the vocabulary, and how we use statistics in everyday life. My Final project shows that I have learned how to use statistics when given and can find if the information given is true or false.


    In my three years of taking history classes I got to learn about Ethiopia and other poor countries.

    Ethiopia is one of the poorest countries in the world. This is because of a few reasons like the government, the war, and drought.
    The history of Ethiopia is not as simple as some other countries. There was an era that had religious conflict between Muslims and Christians. This went on till 1816. Then came the civil war. That era was called Drag. The fall of drag in 1991. This is when the war ended. Meles Zenawi was elected as Prime Mister in 1994. Negasso Gidada was elected as President in the same year. Meles was again elected Prime Minster in 2000 and Girma Wolde-Giorgis was elected President in 2001.
    The people in Ethiopia are vary different then people that we know. The population is 78,254,090. The people in this country speak a Semitic or Cushitic language. There is more than 80 different ethnic groups within this country. Most of these groups have about 10 thousands people.
    The civil war is one of the main reasons why this country is so poor.  The war has been going on for over 30 years. Also the war has killed over 1 million people in this country and has kept the country from becoming united. 1974-1991 was the war.
    The government is another reason why Ethiopia is poor. Federal republic is the government. The prime minister is the head of the government. This means that it is religion based government. This is not always a bad thing, but in this case it is. The government dose not really care about the people living in this country.
    The last thing that makes the country this poor is the drought and famine. The drought put 6.2 million people in need of food and 7.2 million people getting help from the government. A total of 20% of the population is having trouble finding enough food for their families to eat. The drought is in the east side of the country.
    There is no form of education in this country. About 1 out of 100 people are educated in Ethiopia. That is not vary much at all. Most parents don’t have the money to send their children to school. The lack of education could be a reason why Ethiopia is poor.
    Ethiopia is a poor country and I just showed a couple of reasons how it is poor and the history of this country.

Reading and Writing

    I have read many books in high school my favorite have to be "The Lying Game", "The Outsiders", and "Ishmael"  
        My Ishmael final project
“but finally jellyfish appeared’’

This quote is one of my favorites because many things came after jellyfish and many things will come after humans. It shows that we are like jellyfish we think we are it but we are not many things will come after us.

“there is no one right way to live’’

I also like this quote because there is no right way to live. If people want to live one way we should let them live that way.

        "The Lying Game" is a book that I read in my free time. I liked this book because it is about a teenage girl who goes on a search to find long lost twin sisters killer. When she comes to find the killer she must walk. talk. and act like a girl she never met a day in her life.

    "The Outsiders" is a book I love to read it has things that kids went through as teen in the 50's and 60's. The group of kids were Greasers and the other group was Socs.
        My writing project is about my car crash. My car accident

My Saturday started out like any other day. The only difference was that my step dad was not yelling at me to get up or my alarm was not going off. Instead someone was calling me. I knew right then it was my boyfriend Aaron. He told me he wanted to see me and he was coming up my drive. I wrapped myself in a blanket and went outside. We talked and he wanted me to go with him. So I put on some old clothes and got in his truck. I needed cigarettes and he knew a guy that could get me some. We got to silt and the guy who buys our cigarettes was not home so we went to Cotton Wood to pick up my friend Justin. The guys wanted to go to the Rez. We got up there and we were just driving around having a good time. When I sensed something was going to go wrong and it was to late to do anything about it. Driving down a curvy dirt road, Aaron went to fast around a turn and went in to the grass. The truck flipped 3 times. When the truck stopped and I jumped up. The windshield was gone, the windows to. The truck was on its side when I jumped out.  Before I knew what happened I was calling my love Sarah. She told me to call 911. She asked if I was okay. I told her I was fine just my leg was covered in blood and dirt. I got off the phone and at that moment I felt a sharp pain run threw my leg like hundreds of bee stings. We walk to the main road of the Rez there was Aaron’s parents mad as hell.


    In science I built a car. It was a solor powered motor that could be used in the sun. I also learned about simple machines. Science is one of my worst and least favorite subjects. If i could i would not use it.